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7 on 7 Coed Flag Football Rules

The following 7 on 7 coed flag football rules are FlagSpin approved and customized in a way that we feel promotes the best experience for the players.  Check with your local league or tournament organizer to verify their rules, as many use custom variations to match their preferred play style.

The Game

The game shall be played between 2 teams of 8 players, 4 men and 4 women. A team my start with 6 players. A team that is playing shorthanded must have a minimum of either 2 men or 2 women on the field. At no point may a team have more than 4 men or 4 women on the field at one time.

The Ball

Teams may use a standard, youth, or junior sized football.

Minimum Line Players

The offensive team must have at least 5 players on their scrimmage line at the snap. Penalty: Illegal Procedure- 5 yards

Male Runner

A Team-A runner cannot advance the ball through Team-A’s scrimmage line. There are no restrictions: During a run by a male runner once the ball is beyond the Team-A’s scrimmage line; during a run by a female runner; and after a change of possession. Penalty: Illegal Procedure, 5 yards from the previous spot.

Male to Male Completion

During the offensive team’s possession, there may not be 2 consecutive legal forward pass completions from a male passer to a male receiver. This rule applies to the try. If a male passer completes a legal forward pass to a male receiver, the next forward pass completion must involve either a female passer or a female receiver for positive yardage. The spot where the ball becomes dead by rule must be beyond the Team-A’s scrimmage line. There are no restrictions concerning a male passer completing a legal forward pass to a female receiver, or female to female, or female to male. Penalty: Illegal Forward Pass, 5 yards from the spot where the second consecutive male to male pass is released, and a loss of down. Any foul, whether accepted or declined, shall have no effect on whether the next legal forward pass is “open” or “closed”.

Illegal Forward Pass

If a female passer completes a forward pass to a male receiver behind the Team-A scrimmage line and runs beyond this scrimmage line, it is illegal forward pass. Penalty: Illegal Forward Pass, 5 yards from the spot of the pass and loss of down.

Mercy Rule

If a team is ahead by 25 when the referee announces the 2-minute warning for the second half, the game shall be over. The same rules applies if a score creates this differential inside 2 minutes. If a team is ahead by 49 with 10 or fewer minutes to play in the game, the game will be over.

Touchdown Value

If a female player scores a touchdown, the point value is 9. If a female player throws a legal forward pass and a touchdown is scored by any Team-A player, the point value is 9. The value of a PAT will never change regardless of who scores the touchdown.


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