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Tight Freak Nasty – 4 on 4 Football Plays

Tight Freak Nasty – 4 on 4 Football Plays

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Tight Freak Nasty from our 4 on 4 football plays collection is a staple of some of the top teams in the country, especially around the goal line.  I prefer to run the play without motion the first time (with the [2] just lined up at slot), and then if it’s successful and we run it later by throwing in motion to disguise the formation.  Your [1] runs a curl and spring at the first down or goal line, hesitating on the curl for a split second before shooting straight down the line to the inside on a dig route.  [2]’s job is to push his defender back 7-8 yards, then plant and hit the out route, bending it back to the front cone making it very tough for his defender to get between him and the ball.  If the outside corner doesn’t chase [1] to the inside, then [1] should come wide open under [2]’s out route for a quick pitch.  It’s recommended the quarterback roll to the strong side, giving him a quick pitch option to [1] or [2] or hitting the center trailing the back line as a last resort.

This is definitely one of our favorite 4 on 4 football plays to add to your arsenal, especially around the goal line as it tends to work very consistently if you have receivers who can run good, physical routes.

Travis Burnett I am a longtime flag football enthusiast with a passion for this sport and it's growth. My goal is to encourage stronger competition for the players and mutual success for the organizations running leagues and events. I am currently a self employed photographer and graphic/web designer based out of Allen, TX.


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