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Oopty – 8 on 8 Flag Football Plays

Oopty – 8 on 8 Flag Football Plays

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Oopty is one of my all time favorite 8 on 8 flag football plays, and works extremely well in long distance situations.  Upon sending [3] in motion, most teams will try and employ a zone defense, typically with 1 safety over the top, and 2 in the short zone with one of them taking away the inside short zone.  If you see one single safety, the play is almost guaranteed to work.

At the snap, the quarterback immediately takes off to the right while the center and [2] attempt to block the rushers giving the QB a bit of time.  The post from [6] should clear out the safety while the curl from [4] holds the outside corner.  When [3] hits the sideline on his out and up, there’s typically a big window there.  The post can easily turn into a post-stop or post-dig depending on the coverage over top.

When this flag football play works, it works big and is a great play for long distance situations where you know the defense will most certainly be running a zone of some sort.

Travis Burnett I am a longtime flag football enthusiast with a passion for this sport and it's growth. My goal is to encourage stronger competition for the players and mutual success for the organizations running leagues and events. I am currently a self employed photographer and graphic/web designer based out of Allen, TX.


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