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Bunch Iso Blender – 5 on 5 Flag Football Plays

Bunch Iso Blender – 5 on 5 Flag Football Plays

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Bunch Iso Blender from our 5 on 5 flag football plays collection is a great all around play that can be effective against just about any defense you’ll come up against.  Your Center and [2] routes will be your primary reads.  Out of this formation, many teams will lock up the [3] and play a combination of 2-1 or 1-2 zone on the other 3 players, or go with a box 2-2 defense.  In any situation, the [2]’s curl and spring to the left flat corner should be a great option, undercutting any safeties yet getting behind any flat defender to that side.  The Center should hold that defender with a couple steps to the left side before shooting back underneath the play.  If the defense decides to go straight man defense across the board, the Center’s route could be an equal option to the [2]’s route, and [1] may also be able to beat his guy on a straight post if his defender took an outside alignment.

Any player personnel should work well for this play, but it’s definitely important to have your speedier players at the [3] and [1] positions to clear out for a faster developing play.  It is probably best executed on 1st or second down where the intermediate routes are gold.

It’s a great play for 5-15 yards fairly easily. Can be run against most any defense, multiple times per game with basic alignment, and you can easily incorporate motion & formation shifts. It can however take an extra second or two for the longer routes to develop.

Travis Burnett I am a longtime flag football enthusiast with a passion for this sport and it's growth. My goal is to encourage stronger competition for the players and mutual success for the organizations running leagues and events. I am currently a self employed photographer and graphic/web designer based out of Allen, TX.



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