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Base Crack Layers – 7on7 Flag Football Plays

Base Crack Layers – 7on7 Flag Football Plays

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Base Crack Layers from our 7on7 flag football plays collection is a fairly simple play to run and execute that has several options with easy reads.  Lining up in a traditional 2 blocker 3 receiver set, the quarterback sprints to his right immediately at the snap, while the slot receiver steps inside to pick the rusher and allow the quarterback a free lane.  [2] Trails with an under route while the center runs a corner route over the top, and with a defense running a zone [5]’s dig should come open pretty easily, or if in a man defense, the quarterback has a good shot to get free and run if he’s decently mobile.  As a last resort, you can also throw back to your [1] who drops to star, allowing him to hit [4] on a stop and go.  Or simply have him shoot left or curl if you don’t have a good throwback option.

This play works great for 10-15 yards pretty consistently, but it is definitely dependent on a quarterback who’s slightly mobile at worst, and a slot receiver who can get a good block on the rusher. You can also run alternate routes fairly easily out of the same formation with [3]  blocking for you, or even motion him to the left slot with the stop and go as your primary option and [2] dragging to the left instead. This is definitely one of the more flexible 7on7 flag football plays you should consider using with the right squad.

Travis Burnett I am a longtime flag football enthusiast with a passion for this sport and it's growth. My goal is to encourage stronger competition for the players and mutual success for the organizations running leagues and events. I am currently a self employed photographer and graphic/web designer based out of Allen, TX.


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