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Introducing FlagSpin’s Flag Football Equipment, Gear & Apparel Shop!

Introducing FlagSpin’s Flag Football Equipment, Gear & Apparel Shop!

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We are pleased to announce our new flag football equipment, general gear and apparel shop!  Below is a breakdown of the new features, options and even how any individual or organization can sign up in less than 30 seconds for our affiliate program where you can get 10% in cash back just for sharing!

What’s New

FlagSpin Flag Football ShopWith the new shop, we now have over 150 different flag football equipment, gear and apparel related products for your browsing pleasure!  You can filter by price, sort by category, popularity, newness and more!  We’ve done our best to ensure it’s quick and easy to navigate to find exactly what you’re looking for!  Try the instant search bar up top to find your product quickly and easily!


FlagSpin Flag Football Gear

Wishlist & Compare

We have also implemented two new features allowing you to create and add products to a wishlist for purchasing at a later date, as well as the “Compare” option on each product allowing you to to select multiple products and view them side by side for comparison!


Earn Cash!

Affiliate-ReferralDid you know you can earn 10% commission on all orders you refer just by sharing FlagSpin with your friends or players in your leagues? It takes less than a minute to sign up and you’ll instantly be given a unique URL you can share that will automatically credit  you with all sales referred by that link! You can even generate links, track your stats, view graphs, visits & referrals as well as download banners and creative to make it simple to share! It’s that easy so sign up today!

More to Come

Stay tuned as we’ll be adding more products regularly! Next up on our radar are custom FlagSpin flags, mushroom flag extensions, custom jerseys, and playbooks!  Let us know what else you’d like to see added in the comments below!


Travis Burnett I am a longtime flag football enthusiast with a passion for this sport and it's growth. My goal is to encourage stronger competition for the players and mutual success for the organizations running leagues and events. I am currently a self employed photographer and graphic/web designer based out of Allen, TX.


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