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Bored? Try these Top Football Games Online & Apps Review

Bored? Try these Top Football Games Online & Apps Review

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Bored at work? Check out these free football games online or get an app that allows you to run your own team or participate in football related drills and activities. With many football games online to select from, every person should be able to find one they love and thoroughly enjoy playing. The following are some free football game apps and online to check out.

Tap Sports Football

My favorite football app by far, Tap Sports Football is a simple to execute football app that uses real NFL players, integrates the draft, gives you the ability to call the offense and defensive plays and formations, and has very good graphics.  There are daily and weekly events with tournaments and leagues, and special events to win more players for your team, and it even integrates some cool stats for those who like to pile them up and show them off.  Fun and high end all around football game app I play often.

NFL Pro 2014

A pretty fun app for playing but doesn’t seem as realistic to me and requires some in-app purchases to really play it well.  Decent graphics, and decently entertaining but not my favorite football app game.

4th & Goal 2015

The latest version of this popular game includes new teams and huge brawls in the midst of the action. Users love the easy game play, as one only has to hit the space bar and the ball is snapped. Arrow keys are used to control the defense or run the ball. When on offense, the gamer controls the ball with the A, S and D keys. A pretty fun and free online football game that can waste some time here and there.

Linebacker Alley 2

Linebacker Alley 2 operates on a simple principle: to have one’s player gain as many yards as possible in four downs. It is fairly challenging yet fun and worth checking out.  One of the better football games online out there with a little bit different objective.

Return Man

An ESPN football game, Return Man receives high ratings from users, and the goal of the game is to run the field and score a touchdown without being tackled by an opponent. As the player progresses, extra possessions and special moves are awarded, while running over a lightning bolt provides one with bonus points and a burst of speed. Some unique objectives and fun game play from ESPN make this game worth trying out for sure!

Fanatical Football

Many users claim this Android app to be the best on the market today, as it allows the user to move through various exhibition and season games on their way to the biggest game of the season. The gamer builds his or her team and controls all aspects of the offense and defense. The touch controls are new and improved as are the game modes, and everyone is sure to fall in love with the immersive sounds and graphics because they truly bring the game to life.

Football games online and those available as an app are fun to play. If you’re not sitting at home behind your XBox or Playstation you still have some options to play football games on your phone, tablet or computer. With many different versions to try, including some others like Axis Football League and Speed Back, you are sure to find one or more they want to play regularly.

Travis Burnett I am a longtime flag football enthusiast with a passion for this sport and it's growth. My goal is to encourage stronger competition for the players and mutual success for the organizations running leagues and events. I am currently a self employed photographer and graphic/web designer based out of Allen, TX.



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