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USFTL Announces some HUGE Changes to Next Years National Flag Football Tournament Event

The USFTL just dropped a big news announcement yesterday, announcing that it’s annual USFTL National Flag Football Tournament Championships, typically held in Orlando, Florida, would be moving to Tampa starting this year! Below is the official announcement! MAY 13th, 2015 – Steep in tradition, the USFTL National Championship is the largest adult flag football event in the […]

FlagSpin partners with Gamebreaker Flag Football Helmets to Promote Head Trauma Awareness for Football Concussions

FlagSpin has been working closely with Gamebreaker Helmets over the last month to create a partnership that will promote head safety and concussion awareness in flag football.  Mostly focused in the youth, high school and collegiate world, flag football helmets have been growing in popularity as an added layer of protection for the many head […]

Blondes vs. Brunettes Los Angeles 2015

Start with an age-old rivalry, throw in a football field and a worthy cause, and you’ve got Blondes vs Brunettes Los Angeles (BvBLA), a flag football game played and coached by some of L.A.’s most talented individuals  …all coming together to Tackle Alzheimer’s disease! Since 2011, Blondes vs Brunettes Los Angeles partcipants have been committed to raising awareness of Alzheimer’s disease […]

40 Funny Flag Football Team Names to Inspire You

Do you have an adult flag football league or tournament coming up and looking for some creative or funny flag football team names? Some of these were scoured from other suggestions thrown out out across the webisphere, others are my creations or personal favorites of tournaments past. Hopefully one of these will help! Multiple Scorgasms Tittsburgh Feelers Flaming […]

Predictions: FlagFootballX Open Cash Flag Football Tournament Breakdown

[tps_header]The FlagFootballX Open Cash Flag Football Tournament sponsored by FlagSpin is the first non-ranked tourney in a long time, and we have a lot of good teams. Let’s break them down, click the NEXT button to scroll through the teams, their rosters and my predictions![/tps_header] [tps_title]Looney Tunes[/tps_title] Looney Tunes Roster: Brandel Webb-UC, Diere Franklin-CD, TJ […]