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Blondes vs. Brunettes Los Angeles 2015

Start with an age-old rivalry, throw in a football field and a worthy cause, and you’ve got Blondes vs Brunettes Los Angeles (BvBLA), a flag football game played and coached by some of L.A.’s most talented individuals  …all coming together to Tackle Alzheimer’s disease! Since 2011, Blondes vs Brunettes Los Angeles partcipants have been committed to raising awareness of Alzheimer’s disease […]

What to Expect from FlagSpin

At the time of my writing this, very few people will know anything about FlagSpin, our mission, goals and expectations.  In a business sense these are important things to understand, but after nearly 6 years playing the sport locally with the opportunity to build relationships and get to know people here in the area and […]
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