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About FlagSpin – Flag Football Plays, Strategies & More

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FlagSpin started as a way to provide valuable and top quality flag football information to increase the competition throughout leagues and tournaments across the US.

We began in the late 1990’s playing flag football in the north Dallas area. After experimenting with different plays during intramurals at Texas A&M and selling flag football playbooks online, we began working with FlagFootballX in the mid 2000’s to help create the brand for one of the largest flag football league and tournament organizations in the country. FlagSpin was later developed as an independent resource to assist players and teams become better at the sport.


FlagSpin exists to provide proven and free flag football plays, strategies and information to teams and players across the country in an effort to promote and enhance the sport of flag football.


FlagSpin has big plans for the future in a continued effort to grow and provide more and more information to a larger audience.

Our goal is to continuously work to add more flag football plays, new formats, rule additions, blogs, news, strategies and more that will keep you coming back daily. We have several ideas for products we are looking to put out in the form of playbook management, T-Shirts & apparel, branded sports equipment and much more!

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